Story of our brand beguines at the beginning of year 2011, when we came up with an idea to create the line of products which will, with its characteristics, raise above the existing offer in the market.From that moment up to now, we dedicatedly work on research, creation and distribution of the products under our brand name Texell, with only one goal to become a market leader through the satisfaction of our customers.
Quality. Design. Affordability.
- When it comes to quality, we make no compromise.

Our basic mission is to create a feeling of trust and security to our customers by investing permanently in best quality, providing them products with such performances on which they can actually rely. Quality control carried out through all stages of the production, as well as the fulfillment of the strictest EU standards, are the steps which we are conducting to achieve that mission. Thanks to that, our products have already found their place on EU market. Quality is the main reason why Texell has become the choice of the real professionals.
- When it comes to design, we are the ones who set the standards.

By following the latest world trends in the production household and kitchen products, we are constantly trying to offer you innovative solutions for easier and happier life. Our designing team, thanks to their fresh ideas and unique design, has managed to bring the recognizability among plenty of similar products. Although we insist on modern design, we still take care that Texell products are functional and practical at the same time.

- Quality and design you can afford.

Important part of our mission is to prove that quality and modernly designed product doesn’t have to be expensive. We are proud on the fact that we can offer quality and attractive products that you can really afford.

CTC-UNIT d.o.o. is a company with a long experiance in import and export trading. We are distributors for Serbian market of well known brands such as: Clatronic, Profi Cook, Bomann, AEG, Philips consumer lighting, Luxell, Bormioli Rocco, OKT, Paclan, Abert and, of course, Texell.

From the very beginning our mission was to be reliable partner to our customers as well as to our suppliers, taking care for the final customers at the same time. Thanks to this approach, today we are positioned as one of the leading suppliers on the domestic market. Our young team, which has 60 members, is working day by day to maintain that position.

Since theyear of 2010, we cover the Slovenian market through our daughter company CTC-UNIT d.o.o., where we have applied the same business principles like in Serbia. Today, CTC-UNIT d.o.o. Slovenia is a respectable company which cooperates with all important customers on that market.